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What is revival and what does it look like at home with your family? Join the Barkley’s as they explore ways to display the heart of the Father at home, stay married forever, and feel alive in their relationship with Jesus all while having a good laugh!

Could beliefs be hindering the connection and health of your marriage and family?  Do you ever feel hopeless about your relationships or find yourself struggling to speak life over your spouse and children?  This week we interview Steve Backlund, Author & International Speaker, on how to align our beliefs and words with the Truth of God's word concerning ourselves, our spouse, and our families.  Get ready to uproot lies that are destroying your relationships and see your hope levels rise!     

Igniting Hope 

Do it Afraid

Fresh off the heels of our first Marriage Conference we're catching y'all up on what's been going on in our house.  Plus, we're talking about courage and moving forward in the face of fear!  Whether it's fear of being truly seen and known in your marriage or fear regarding a God given dream, we encourage you to "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:8

We always benefit from reminders to get alone with God in the place of prayer.  So this week we are talking about enjoying our fellowship with the Holy Spirit through different forms of prayer.  If your prayer life seems a little stagnant right now, or if you are wondering how to connect with God in this season of your life, or if you're tempted to feel like prayer turns into striving for God's approval rather than resting in God's love then we encourage you to listen to this episode!  We've also created a free resource for you to use this week in your prayer time.


Thrive Marriage Conference


For those needing breakthrough in their marriage, finances, family relationships, or career - listen up!  We are talking about two types of breakthrough and how to prepare yourself so you don’t give up right before your breakthrough comes. 

Thrive Marriage Conference


Today marks 2 years (YES!) of the Revival House Podcast so we’re doing a bit of reflecting and celebrating on this week’s episode.  Reflection enables us to meditate on how God has come through for us in the past so we can use those testimonies as weapons in our coming seasons.  Celebration increases our faith in God and strengthens our belief that “With God I really can do anything!”.  So listen in to a bit of our journey and then take a look at your own journey right now.  Set aside some time and ask yourself , “What can I celebrate about myself?  What can I celebrate about my spouse or my children?”.  

Life can be overwhelming at times and if we’re not careful our spouse can turn into a living breathing punching bag.  How do we ensure that stress doesn’t get the best of us?  How do we stay on the same team instead of turning on one another when times get tough?  Listen in for some encouragement and be sure to sign up for emails from Revival House so you don’t miss out on a HUGE announcement this week!

Church Hurt

We know there are a lot of people out there who have written off church because of painful experiences.  Maybe you’ve been overlooked, rejected or misunderstood.  Since God designed the church to be a place of family and healing we know the enemy is working overtime to destroy the church’s sense of family by any means possible.  So, what do we do when we’ve experienced church hurt?  How do we move forward and stick with church instead of allowing the enemy to convince us to check out?  We talk all about that this week.  
Today we’re talking about all things Church.  Is it really important?  Do I need to be going?  How does it impact my family?  What if I stopped going to church because I just can’t find one I like?  How do I find a new church?  Listen in for some honest conversation about church.
Fresh off the heels of a Marriage Conference we are tackling a listener’s question about Divorce.  Clearly there are biblical grounds for divorce, but why push through?  What’s the big deal about divorce?  What are the rewards of staying together and what is God’s heart on this subject?  Listen in to find out and hear about our first ever experience in a Cowboy Church!  
Nicole Zasowski is a Marriage and Family Therapist and Author whose first book comes out in January.  This week we’re getting her expert advice on Boundaries.  What are they, how do we set them, and what are some of the consequences of NOT having healthy boundaries in place in your life?  This interview is filled with wise advice to anyone looking to do relationships well and do them for the long haul.  In addition to boundaries we get into the topics of pain cycles, forgiveness, and even get to hear about Nicole finding God’s call for her life.     

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