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What is revival and what does it look like at home with your family? Join the Barkley’s as they explore ways to display the heart of the Father at home, stay married forever, and feel alive in their relationship with Jesus all while having a good laugh!

This week Revival House welcomes Alex & Sarah Morales.  Alex & Sarah serve on staff at True Life Church in Round Rock, Tx.  We had a great time hearing about their journey in ministry, marriage, raising young children and stepping into a revival culture.  This episode has so much to do with hearing God’s voice, which is a favorite topic of ours!  Interested in an awesome testimony to build your faith?  Want some ideas on how to teach your kids to hear God’s voice?  This is an episode for you.   You’ll be inspired and encouraged listening to this incredible couple share about Jesus.        

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As parents we often feel inundated with parenting advice.  New research, new blogs, it’s all a little overwhelming.  At Revival House we want to parent God’s way and with God’s heart.  So we’re taking a look in the Bible at how God parents us this week and then letting that be our roadmap for how we parent our own kids.  You’ll be reminded of just how amazing God is and you’ll be encouraged if you’ve got kids or not, because, well, you’re really really loved.

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Trisha Frost joins us this week on Revival House and shares how the Father’s Love changes the world one family at a time.  Listen in as she shares her family’s journey (as depicted in “Spiritual Slavery To Spiritual Sonship” & “Experiencing Father’s Embrace”) from brokenness to wholeness, and how you can experience the Father’s Love, too.  

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Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship

Experiencing Fathers Embrace

Healing the Heart of the Family

The Breaking Free Plan



We’re talking about the Super Bowl, Potty Training, and date night as well as date fights.  Also, how do you handle the hurts that family relationships inevitably inflict just from doing life with one another?  We’ll share some advice and examples from our own lives that will encourage you and probably make you feel a little normal, too.


What if one thought could change your life?  What if it already has!  Inspired by the movie Inception, we’re talking about the lies we’ve believed from the enemy that have turned into beliefs and have altered the course of our lives.  2 Corinthians 10:3-5 tells us that we have authority to demolish these strongholds and through the power of the Holy Spirit we can establish new, godly strongholds leading to greater life and victory.  If you need freedom from destructive habits or thought patterns listen up!  This is a powerful episode and you’ll be inspired that you can break free too.  Also, you’ll find out the one thing Rachel cannot live without.  (Hint: it’s popcorn)    

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Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.  So we’re answering some listener’s questions that range from in-law relationships to sibling conflict to healthy fighting as a married couple.  We also share a little bit about boundaries, how to manage yourself and how to have a budget friendly date night.  Lots of good stuff here!
Keep Your Love On
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Everyone wants to know why they’re here on earth and what their supposed to do!  This week we share about our journey of discovery.  We’re talking about the traps we’ve fallen into and how you can avoid them, and we pass on some encouragement as you discover the unique purpose for which God created you.


God has given us permission to embrace Kingdom living with a light heart.  Actually, Jesus said unless we become like a little child we can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven!  Kids laugh.  A lot.  Find out this week how you can have a light heart and experience joy and laughter in a greater way.


Happy New Year!  We want to help you have the best year ever so we’re tackling the topic of “Renewing Your Mind” right at the beginning of 2018.  If you want different results, you’ve got to think different thoughts!  And not just different thoughts, Kingdom thoughts.  We’ll share some ideas and inspiration as well as a recap of what happened in our house the past 2 weeks.  

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Ruling your inner world means being responsible, self-controlled and maintaining peace internally despite what’s going around you.  It means living in response to the Father not in reaction to circumstances around you.  If you want to learn how to do this and why you should then this episode is for you!

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