Revival House

Join Jimmy and Rachel Barkley as they create their own Revival House

Enjoying Life

In this week's episode Jimmy and Rachel talk about Jimmy's 4th degree black belt testing, Netflix original series, "Anne with an E", and Memorial day family gatherings.  They talk about why joy is an important part of a Revival House and practical ways to experience it in marriage, parenting, and work.  


"48 Days to the Work You Love" Dan Miller

"Let's Just Laugh At That" Steve Backlund 

"100 Declarations a Day"

"Emotionally Healthy Spirituality"

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Putting the kids to bed, French accents, transplanting the vineyard and practical ways to run at your fears.  

Steve Backlund - 100 declarations a day.



Jimmy discusses his journey from being a skeptic of 'revival' to passionate about the move of God.  They both share practical ways to connect with God at home as well as a healing testimony from their ministry trip on Mother's Day weekend.  


Kingdom Family Talks 


Alyn & AJ



Root Canals, Mr. Bean, Grand Master Andersen and a lengthy discussion on the art of forgiveness in the home. Gay Hendricks - The Big Leap


Red Poppy Fest, Date Night, What Animals eat in Heaven.   

Jimmy and Rachel talk about God's covenant with Israel as a marriage covenant, and God's faithfulness despite Israel turning its back. 

N.T. Wright 

Misty Edwards 

Passion Translation


Kingdom Marriage

Jimmy and Rachel talk about their past fights, and discuss how to have a Kingdom Marriage. Marriage is a journey so know your destination. Marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church. 


Jimmy and Rachel discuss their weekend apart, the Good Friday service, and how they overcome feelings of insignificance.

Kirk Franklin

Andy Andrews - Butterfly Effect

Fom Slavery to Sonship - Jack Frost

Finding Father - A.J. Jones


Intruders, punching bunnies, and how not to grow weary in doing good.  

Steve Backlund -Igniting Hope


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