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What is revival and what does it look like at home with your family? Join the Barkley’s as they explore ways to display the heart of the Father at home, stay married forever, and feel alive in their relationship with Jesus all while having a good laugh!

The Pharisees were birthed in revival yet misrepresented God’s heart to the world around them.  If we’re not careful we can do the exact same thing.  This week learn some things you never knew about this sect of Judaism and be challenged to love others and prioritize God’s presence.


Jimmy & Rachel reunite after being apart for almost a week and share about decision making in a healthy marriage.  Want to feel more unified?  Want to know how to be more honest and honorable towards your spouse?  Listen up!  Also, if you want to sign up for the first ever Revival House LIVE One Day Marriage event head on over to and say “put me on the waiting list!”.  

Life Languages      

 Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys


What should you do while you’re waiting on God?  Should you sit around and do nothing?  Should you take matters into your own hands and try to make something happen?  This week we look at the life of Jesus, Joseph & David to see both the purpose and potential of our waiting and how to honor God in it all.  We also share about our week and drop a little hint about a special announcement we’ll be making next week!


It was a fun filled Easter weekend complete with church, lots of candy, failed attempts at family Easter pictures and Opa’s famous Oster Brot (German for Easter Bread).  Then the Holy Spirit hijacked our podcast plans (which He is always welcome to do) and Rachel shares her story of drug rehab, her search for purpose and the day she found Jesus!


We’ve got a lot of catching up to do!  Spring break, birthday outings, kickball, dead squirrels and donuts are just a few of the things we discuss in our “what happened in our house this week” segment.  Then we move into a more serious look at what it really looks like to take a leap of faith.  If you’ve ever taken a risk, or waited on God and wondered when He’d come through, then you’ll relate to our honest discussion on faith this week.


After returning from a recent trip to Nashville we are sharing the high’s and low’s of road trip life including infamous gas-stations and prophetic encounters.  Before we left, however, we had the honor of interviewing Kermit & Cindy Bell, our former Senior Pastors.  This interview will encourage and inspire you to prioritize God’s presence, love your spouse, not sweat the small stuff in parenting, and capitalize on the God moments taking place in your home right now.   Enjoy!


Jimmy & Rachel sit down for a lesson in rest, family, and rich spiritual connection with award-winning Author & Speaker, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole.  We encourage you to listen carefully to the wisdom Alicia passes on.  Whatever season of life you’re in you’ll be encouraged to slow down and connect deeply with the God who is always with you.

Alicia Britt Chole

The Sacred Slow

Anonymous: Jesus hidden years


This week Revival House welcomes Alex & Sarah Morales.  Alex & Sarah serve on staff at True Life Church in Round Rock, Tx.  We had a great time hearing about their journey in ministry, marriage, raising young children and stepping into a revival culture.  This episode has so much to do with hearing God’s voice, which is a favorite topic of ours!  Interested in an awesome testimony to build your faith?  Want some ideas on how to teach your kids to hear God’s voice?  This is an episode for you.   You’ll be inspired and encouraged listening to this incredible couple share about Jesus.        

True Life Round Rock
Sarah Morales Music


As parents we often feel inundated with parenting advice.  New research, new blogs, it’s all a little overwhelming.  At Revival House we want to parent God’s way and with God’s heart.  So we’re taking a look in the Bible at how God parents us this week and then letting that be our roadmap for how we parent our own kids.  You’ll be reminded of just how amazing God is and you’ll be encouraged if you’ve got kids or not, because, well, you’re really really loved.

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Trisha Frost joins us this week on Revival House and shares how the Father’s Love changes the world one family at a time.  Listen in as she shares her family’s journey (as depicted in “Spiritual Slavery To Spiritual Sonship” & “Experiencing Father’s Embrace”) from brokenness to wholeness, and how you can experience the Father’s Love, too.  

Shiloh Place Ministries

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship

Experiencing Fathers Embrace

Healing the Heart of the Family

The Breaking Free Plan



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