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This week was sweet but altogether uneventful at Revival House except for all the things Jimmy and Rachel can’t tell you yet.  Listen in as they talk about viewing your spouse as a partner and not a problem.  The truth is there is a real enemy at work in your marriage but it’s NOT YOUR SPOUSE!  The devil wants to destroy your marriage and he will definitely try but God gives you all you need for a victory.  Fight with the weapons He gave you.  He has planned that through your marriage healing, love and life would touch the world - that’s a pretty incredible thing.  Work on your marriage with that in mind.  

Schnitzel, Spätzle, jury duty, oh my!  Jimmy and Rachel recap their week which includes a new word being formed in the Barkley home.  Our good friend Carrie Hassell joins us for the main topic and shares her testimony as well as powerful keys she’s learned that have led to victorious living in her relationship with Jesus.  Listen and be encouraged that:

•God is good!
•If you don’t quit, you win!
•You’re the head not the tail (Deut. 28:13)
•Jesus is giving you His identity

Kristene DiMarco - "Take Courage"


Accountability frees you from deception, keeps you from walking through painful circumstances and re-aligns you with God’s purpose for your life.  

How can you make accountability work in your life?   

•Commune with Believers
•Embrace Humility
•Say Something


This week our friend John David Vasquez joins us to discuss the Heart of David Movement here in Austin, TX and all things worship.  Interested in some helpful tips on connecting with God throughout the week or how you can lead worship without playing an instrument or even singing?  Give this episode a listen!


 After viewing “The Heart of Man” Jimmy and Rachel discuss shame, isolation, and moving towards wholeness and victory.  

Do you hide from God and others when you sin or do you live in the light, willing to be seen?
Trust God with your process.
Galatians 3:3 - don’t try to do it in your strength...
Commit to ‘living in the light’.  
Ephesians 5:8-14 
1 John 1:5-7 “
Living in the light is refusing to hide anything from God.  When something happens, take responsibility, deal with it and move on.  Also notice that when we live in the light God says we have fellowship - true fellowship with each other.  
In your marriage - if you want true INTIMACY (into-me-you-see) you have to commit to the risky business of honesty. 
With your kids  - I make sure that I confess to my kids when I’m in the wrong.
Know that you aren’t alone
1 Corinthians 10:13 
Hebrews 2:17-18  
Shame get OFF me in Jesus’ name.  Every lie that is keeping me bound must be exposed in the name of Jesus.  I choose to step into the light.  I refuse darkness and hiding because it’s just a trap.  I turn now from every form of sin that is producing death in me.  I embrace the call of my Father to be seen and be loved unconditionally.  I choose to surrender and experience God’s rule in my life in greater measure by faith.

We all need activities or habits in our lives that fill us up and we need to be intentional about it because on one else will do it for us!

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Psalm 62:5-6
Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.

John 17:3
Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

“Man has a purpose to be in a relationship with God. When he forgets his purpose he forgets who he is and what life means.”  Francis Shaffer

Outside of Jesus we won’t be satisfied!  He has also created ways to connect with us doing the things we love.  

What fuels you?  Being outdoors?  Creating?  Exercise?

Fill up on things that actually satisfy.

Ephesians 5:18
“And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit,”
If you want to find out what fuels you do a self study and observe the times you feel ‘full’ or ‘drained’.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help illuminate the ways God has wired you to feel alive.

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Jimmy and Rachel reminisce their favorite arcade games and share about how Rachel has been redecorating their bedroom in a budget savvy manner.  In honor of Labor Day they give some encouragement regarding finding purpose in work.

1. Ask God
2.Get on Mission with God’s vision!
3.Realize your entire life is holy.  There’s no more secular/sacred with your life.
4.You are a connection point between heaven and earth no matter where you go or what you do.
5.There is no one like you!



 This week we catch you up on some of the topics we have previously discussed.  

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The Purge - Episode - "Soaking Prayer"

Natural disasters happen all the time and the questions get brought up after each one.  Is God using this to punish people?  How could God create a world where terrible things like that happen?  We will dive into those questions by discussing God's relationship with nature and humanities role in creation and how God is going to redeem the entire universe!  

N.T. Wright  - Simply Good News


Get Back Up

Episode 20!  Jimmy and Rachel celebrate by laughing a lot.  I mean, a lot.  School starts, date night, extra toasty cheezits and chumbawamba.  They also talk about recovering from failure, “No matter how many times you trip them up, God-loyal people don't stay down long; Soon they're up on their feet, while the wicked end up flat on their faces.” Proverbs 24:16.


Soaking Prayer

It’s the purge!! This week Rachel was purging the house of all of the unwanted stuff while Jimmy had camp week.  Also Rachel started her sabbatical.  Soaking is a way of praying where we can rest in God's presence and let him do what he wants to do in our hearts and souls.  We talk about the benefits of soaking prayer and the ways that we soak. 

Recommended music: 

Kimberly and Alberto Rivera - Soaking Music 

Laura Woodley Osman - Soaking Music


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